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“There’s a reason that Jesus talked about money more than almost anything. We are economic beings! Economics is integral!”

In the Active Hope reading groups, sponsored by the Economic Justice Nonviolence Working Group here at All Saints Pasadena, we are learning to talk about challenging subjects …

Money, Inequality

… and systematic conditions that put justice and “fair play” out of reach for millions in our society.

We are also learning about ideas that we may be able to take to change these conditions. These ideas are coming from our readings that get us talking about alternative economies modeled on community building and shared resources.

Participants are laying the groundwork for a “true revolution in values,” in the words of Martin Luther King, Jr. The articles chosen for our first week’s group sessions drew from the economic thought leaders Ta-Nehisi Coates, David Korten and John Cassidy.

Coates, who wrote “The Case for Reparations” for The Atlantic magazine, presents an historical perspective of the gross injustices we have allowed to continue over the last centuries in the U.S., in particular he shows the blatant racism existent in home ownership loan programs over the years.

You’ll find the article here.

Korten, in his article “A New Story for a New Economy,” writes about the “stories” and “myths” that we all accept and let influence our worldview. He inspires us to think of a new “story” or “myth” that is healthier for our communities, families, nation, and world.

You can download Korten’s article here.

Finally John Cassidy, who wrote “Forces of Divergence” for the New Yorker, reviews a new book by Thomas Picketty entitled Capital in the Twenty First Century. This piece focused on a study of our current tax policy and recommended ideas to change our tax system to help bring a more just outcome for those hurting in our economy.

You’ll find his review here.

Our next Reading Group sessions will explore the work of Ched Meyers, Wendell Berry, Charles Eisenstein, Richard Rohr and others as we learn to envision a more peaceful and just world. In doing so we can find hope to keep optimistic in the face of so much frustration and pain. We can become inspired, and inspire others, to get involved in helping make a shift in our culture.

We welcome all of you reading this blog to join us in some way. If you would like more information on what we are already doing please …

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“The opposite of poverty isn’t wealth, it’s justice.” – Bryon Stephenson