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Standing with Ferguson

“As we watch the news breaking from Ferguson, Missouri we recognize once again the harsh reality that structural racism is a given in our nation,” said Ed Bacon, rector of All Saints Church in Pasadena.

“Our prayers are with the people of Ferguson as they seek to express in nonviolent ways their insistence on justice. This challenge, issued by St. Louis Cathedral Dean Mike Kinman, is one we take as our own today: “It is up to us whether Ferguson and St. Louis will just be the identified patient for American racism or whether this will spark a national movement for transformation, a movement that will not end until all people are treated as beloved images of God.”

Today we stand with those who are distraught over the vulnerability of unarmed young men of color in our country. We stand with those holding our law enforcement officials accountable to the safety and well being of ALL community members and to ensure that they work towards methods the produce mutual trust and respect. And we stand with members of the law enforcement community committed to overcoming structural racism and making liberty and justice a reality in our cities, our streets and our communities.

 May we be the change we yearn to see as agents of love, justice and compassion in our nation and in our world as we stand with Ferguson as people of hope and reconciliation.