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Sunday, November 22

Calling a new rector is not the only change going on in our parish. Every day, each of us is faced with transitions–health issues, kids changing school and going to college, illness of family members, job shifts, births, deaths, retirements, and always, always the press of our real limitations on personal time and energy.

Join us on Sunday, November 22, from 1:00-2:30 p.m. in the Forum for a special contemplative gathering to explore your/our own life and what is going on within us right now. We will use songs, silence, music, art, prayer and play to wind our way inward. We will take a long, loving look at where we are as  individuals who are ever transforming into our true selves.

Our gathering is hosted by Christopher McCauley, spiritual director and teacher, and Valerie Coachman-Moore, organizational and community development consultant. Come for a fun, intriguing and interactive gathering to discover your own wisdom and reclaim your faith.

For more information, contact Christopher McCauley at cmccauley7100@gmail.com.

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