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Sunday, November 1st

At All Saints Church the Feast of All Saints Day is a Celebration of Life in the Presence of Death. It is the day the church celebrates in music and liturgy the truth that this community — what we call the communion of saints — is stronger even than death.

And it is the day we traditionally honor all who have died: the great martyrs of history who gave their lives to defend their faith in the risen Christ, as well as those we have personally known and loved; those we hold close to our hearts and minds and those who are victims of cruelty, war and violence.

At all services the memorial book, containing the names of loved ones is placed on the altar. At 9 & 11:15 a.m. Coventry Choir will offer Gabriel Faure’s Requiem with soloists Zanaida Robles (soprano) and Vincent Robles (baritone) accompanied by chamber orchestra and organ. James Walker conducts.

For more information, visit the All Saints website or call 626.796.1172
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