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Alma StokesAlma Stokes

I was a part of the Prayer Shawl knitting Ministry from the very beginning. I was involved because I loved to knit. Never attended a meeting. I just made shawls. Toni Larsen, a crocheter, took over the ministry and I was ask to lead the knitting part.

Under her leadership we had good meetings. When we met we shared experiences, we made people feel welcomed, and we helped one another, plus we eat good food. God was in our midst as we worked. Our shawls were appreciated and many stories of miracles, comfort, started coming into our Pastoral Care Office. The need for shawls grew and most importantly they were given free, never for sale.

As I prayed and made shawls the real importance of my personal shawl ministry became evident to me. Teaching people how to knit added to my joy. I realized that this is my mission. I love being a part of the Prayer Shawl Ministry because of its impact on our church. All Saints is known for our Prayer shawl Ministry all over the country. We have helped start them in other churches. This ministry is so powerful that now it is known all over.

I can’t stop making shawls now. I always have one going. My knitting is with me everywhere I go I make shawls for family and friends and fill special requests as well as those I make for All Saints, one of my favorite songs has words,” If I can help somebody as I go along the way, then my living has not been in vain.” Paraphrased my way, “ If I can help somebody with what I do, then my living and giving has not been in vain.”

What I do is make and give Prayer shawls to the glory of God…

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