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As the election cycle enters its final weeks we offer a reminder of the longstanding policies in place for staff and volunteers to ensure that All Saints Church remains a partisan free zone.

Adopted in 2008 by the Vestry, these polices put into action the philosophy captured in this quote from our Rector Emeritus Ed Bacon:

“Faith in action is called politics. Spirituality without action is fruitless and social action without spirituality is heartless. We are boldly political without being partisan. Having a partisan-free place to stand liberates the religious patriot to see clearly, speak courageously, and act daringly.”

Posted on our website, the policy statement reads:

Recognizing that parishioners who come to worship or meetings are free to express themselves and their political beliefs, All Saints Church has established the following procedures and policies for employees and for volunteers who are acting in a role representing All Saints Church or the ministries of All Saints Church:

 No buttons advocating for or against a particular candidate are to be worn;
 No clothing advocating for or against a candidate is to be worn;
 No advocacy for or against a candidate can be expressed at a table on the lawn.

This applies to volunteers working a ministry table, to lay Eucharistic ministers, ushers, acolytes, choir members and staff in worship, and to employees during their time on campus or representing the parish at events off-campus.

Advocacy and the wearing of buttons or clothing expressing an opinion for or against propositions is permissible.

Recognizing that employees cannot control incoming email, All Saints Church asks that employees not use their All Saints email accounts to send emails regarding candidates, and that volunteers in leadership in All Saints ministries not send emails to their ministries with content that advocates for or against a candidate, and not include links to candidate-related blogs or websites on the emails they send as ministry leaders or participants.

Please help us keep All Saints Church partisan-free — liberated to see clearly, speak courageously, and act daringly as we work to be the change we want to see in our nation and in our world.