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Sunday, October 18th

Noted Civil Rights activist Rabbi Abraham Heschel famously said: “Patience, a quality of holiness may be sloth in the soul when associated with the lack of righteous indignation.” As we work to challenge the sin of racism in our generation as Rabbi Heschel did in his, we turn to two powerfully influential leaders — Valerie Batts and Patrisse Cullors — to equip us to use our anger in the face of oppression as a tool for change; to build coalitions of allies to work to dismantle racism.

Dr. Valerie Batts — a nationally recognized expert on issues of race and ethnicity — will once again bring her expertise to educate, equip and empower us to participate in the struggle to dismantle racism personally, locally, nationally and globally. And Patrisse Cullors — co-founder of the #BlackLivesMatter Movement (and recently named one of the Ten Most Influential Women in L.A. by Los Angeles Magazine) — returns to All Saints to continue to call us into allyship with the movement dedicated to creating a new national narrative on race.

Saying “Black Lives Matter” does not mean that they are the only lives that matter. Rather it is a way of bringing attention to the kinds of violence black people in America have had to endure. It is a matter of both/and thinking that allows for this narrative of the #BlackLivesMatter Movement to progress — and to explore together what allyship means in the movement and in our daily lives.

Join us in the Rector’s Forum at 10:15 a.m. on Sunday, October 18th. The program will include a dialogue between Dr. Batts and Ms Cullors – and an opportunity for Q&A from participants.
For directions to All Saints visit our website. If you can’t join us in person, live stream this important forum here.
For more information call 626.796.1172 or email info@allsaints-pas.org.