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Betsy PerryBetsy Perry

What Betsy Perry loves about working on the Economic Justice Nonviolence Working Group:

1. Amazingly interesting political opportunities to learn how to arrange meetings with California Assemblyman Christopher Holden and State Senator Carol Liu for the All Saints Legislative Action Group; and to learn from two parishioners who have extensive experience working with legislators and coached us in the best way to establish a working relationship with these legislators that can directly affect measures passed by our state legislature.

2. Truly life-changing opportunities to learn to listen deeply and hear the human stories of suffering and demoralization in our present economic system, especially through attending meetings of Life and Livelihood at All Saints, explaining to the people there about our wanting to hear their stories and record them anonymously their identities so that parishioners can learn from them about the need to change working conditions and the minimum wage in our city and state.

3. Positively provocative reading that the EJNVWG will invite All Saints parishioners to engage in and discuss in small groups this fall, which also has allowed me the fun of helping to think through discussion questions that will challenge the people in these groups during their weekly meetings — and may truly touch their hearts and minds as they wrestle with new ways to consider what an economy is and how we are called to grow God’s kingdom on earth.

4. Opportunities to participate in direct action by supporting workers who are trying to organize and carry out labor negotiations for better pay and improved working conditions — and all this with the helpful experience of Francisco García, who was a labor organizer before he became a priest at All Saints and led us in a lively and practical Saturday workshop on how to stand up for a living wage.