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Some 50% of Americans carry less than $50 cash. Another 10% carry no cash. Even more, almost 75% of Americans write no more than one check per month – usually for rent. That’s why All Saints now offers text-to-give, an extremely easy and safe way to give during the Sunday morning offering, or for whenever you feel spontaneously generous. After completing an initial form the first time, you’ll be able to give for the offering in less than 5 seconds each Sunday.

First time set-up:

1. Text give to 626-238-1331

2. Click the link that you receive in response.

3. Complete the form with your details and credit-debit card information.

4. You will receive a text indicating you are ready to text-to-give.

5. Text any number to contribute that amount: to give $100, simply text 100 and you will receive a text response and email acknowledgment.

Options for text giving:

Text options and more options to receive a full list of different options for your text giving. They include:

1. Text any number to give that amount, such as 100 to give $100.
2. Text any number followed by a schedule for automatic contributions, such as 100 weekly for weekly contributions of $100, or 500 monthly, or 150 fortnightly (that means biweekly).
3. Text cover fees on to cover the fees on all of your text contributions.
4. Text card to add a new payment method.
5. Text refund to refund your last transaction within 24 hours.
6. Text cancel auto to stop automated text giving.


I pay my pledge with checks. Should I switch to text giving? No. Text-to-give opens a way for people to regularly participate in the offering when they do not have cash or checks with them.

How do I cover the transaction fees? Text giving incurs fees from 2.7% – 3.5% depending upon the card. Text cover fees on to cover the fees on your contributions.

I texted the wrong amount. Can I get a refund? Absolutely. If you texted an incorrect amount, simply text refund within 24 hours. After 24 hours, contact us so we can help contact Tithe.ly, our Text-to-Give partner, to process your refund.

How do I update my credit card? Text card to add a new payment method. All future text giving will then use that credit card.

Will I get a thank you letter? You will receive an email acknowledging your contribution right away. Everyone who donates a total of $250 or more to All Saints Church during a calendar year will also receive an annual statement for tax deduction purposes.

For More Information:

Contact Jim Loduha, Senior Director for Development and Giving, at 626.583.2736 or JLoduha@allsaints-pas.org.

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