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Fall Small Groups to Envision a Justice-Based Economy for All

All Saints Church’s Economic Justice & Nonviolence Working Group invites you to explore the connection between economy, creation and the future of life on Earth in Active Hope: An Economy for the Common Good, a parish-wide, four-week series of small group study, sharing and reflection. Our plan for the groups will be to examine how long-accepted economic theories, assumptions and practices have led to devastating inequality and ecological crisis requiring deep systemic change.

Our goal is to discover ways in which we might find hope-in-action to move away from consumerism and untenable expectations of limitless growth to an embrace of sustainable boundaries that foster community, respect the gifts of nature and serve human, social and environmental need before profit.

Topics will include:

Week 1: “Old Story/New Story: Demythologizing Capitalism & Creating a Common Good”
Week 2: “Strength for the Journey: Inner Resources, Alternative Visions & Caring Communities”
Week 3: “The Roots of Abundance: Sacred Ecology”
Week 4: “Living in Transformational Times: Action for a Durable Future”

Discussions will be based on essays, articles and video featuring such authors as Joanna Macy, Wendell Berry, Charles Eisenstein, Marjorie Kelly, David Korten, Ta-Nehisi Coates, Ched Myers, Vandana Shiva, Thomas Berry and others. Sessions will also include group exercises designed by systems theorist and Buddhist scholar Macy for her acclaimed workshops, “The Work That Reconnects,” and outlined in her book, Active Hope: How to Face the Mess We’re in Without Going Crazy.

Groups will be held on Sunday through Thursday evenings from 6:30-8:30 p.m., starting on November 9th, with participants selecting whatever night works best for them.

Registration is available at All Saints on the Lawn and online here.

Please join us as we, as a parish, come together to help each other ease our anxiety over the challenges humanity and our fellow species are facing and to do our part to fulfill the promise that “another world is possible.”

You can download the flyer here; and view the reading list here.