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father_greg_boyle“Gangs, Kinship and Reversing the Culture of Demonization”

Who is responsible for the number of young people who have stayed out of prison, have reduced their levels of traumatic stress disorder, found full- or part-time work and rekindled their ties with families?

Join us at the 10:15 Rector’s Forum this Sunday to hear a man who has done more to help turn the human race into the human family than just about anybody we know — our friend Father Greg Boyle. His work embodies what we do at All Saints to address bullying, mass incarceration, gun violence and economic justice/nonviolence. In the creation of Homeboy and Homegirl Industries, he has found effective ways to steer young men and women out of the gang life through job training, counseling and tattoo removal. Some 120,000 gang members have sought out Fr. Boyle to make a new start.

In spite of his critical contributions in reducing the rate of gang-related crime and homicide, Boyle’s organization is struggling from a massive reduction in government funding, from 20% to 3% of an annual $14 million budget. He wonders why being a place of second chances for gang members and felons is so much less attractive for donors than art or animals, when it is such a good bet.

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