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School of the Americas Watch – Los Angeles, Office of the Americas & ADDICTED To WAR invite you to hear:

Father Roy Bourgeois
Founder of The School of the Americas Watch

Saturday, May 31st
5:00 PM to 8:00 PM

No charge at the door, but donations will gladly be accepted to support The School of the Americas Watch.

Guest Speaker: Blase Bonpane
Co-hosted by Theresa Bonpane and Frank Dorrel
Music by Fidel Sanchez

Father Roy Bourgeois was a naval officer in Vietnam. After he returned home, Roy joined the Maryknoll Society (in 1972) an American Catholic organization and went to La Paz, Bolivia, where he ministered to the poor. He was ordered to leave the country after speaking out against the oppressive government of General Hugo Banzer, which arrested, tortured and killed many dissidents. From there he went to El Salvador. After witnessing numerous human rights abuses that the Salvadoran government committed against its own population (with the financial support and military tactical aid of the United States government) Roy focused on where these soldiers were receiving their training: The School of the Americas. Roy founded The School of the Americas Watch in 1990. The SOA Watch exposes The School of the Americas (located at Fort Benning, Georgia) and its role in training Latin American soldiers in repressive tactics and deploying them throughout the region.  The School of the Americas changed its name in 2001 to the Western Hemispheric Institute for Security Cooperation (WHINSEC).

In 2012, Father Roy traveled to Ecuador and Nicaragua, where he met with President Correa and President Ortega, who announced that Ecuador and Nicaragua will no longer send soldiers or police to be trained at the School of the Americas/WHINSEC. Ecuador and Nicaragua join Argentina, Bolivia, Uruguay and Venezuela (other countries that Roy visited) who are also no longer sending troops to the SOA/WHINSEC.

Roy is also an outspoken proponent of women’s ordination to the priesthood. “There will never be justice in the Catholic Church unless women are allowed to be ordained.” For this, Roy was excommunicated from the Catholic Church.

Questions? Contact Frank Dorrell: 310-838-8131, fdorrel@addictedtowar.com

Here is a great talk Father Roy gave in Portland, Oregon in 2008.