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by Linda Banks

Like most newcomers to All Saints, I often found myself walking around and visiting various tables on the lawn after service. In 2005, I met Helen Cooper standing at the COLORS table, and she invited me to a meeting after church. That afternoon I also met the co-founders of COLORS (Christians Offering Love to Overcome Racism in Society) Stephen and Celesta Cheney-Rice, and have been there ever since.

lindaMy involvement with COLORS has been a life changing experience. I’ve learned to hold myself responsible for my own fears and biases of those who are different from me, knowing that all lives are valuable to God. I believe that this is how God wants me to see all people, through the lens of LOVE. Additionally, being part of the COLORS steering committee has helped me to gain the knowledge and skills to try to overcome prejudice and unfairness in the community in which I live.

I would like to see COLORS become a powerful force in our community, holding our city administrators, supervisors, and police officers accountable for their actions.

Maybe you have thought about joining COLORS. I invite you to come and bring your gifts and talents with you. Together we can help abolish injustice in our society, improve our community, and create a wonderful world in which we can live together.

For more information on COLORS visit our website.

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