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Janet Jack

I have been privileged over my lifetime to do a lot of traveling. I love exploring other sights but when it comes to my very favorite places that bring me comfort, joy, and  peace, there are two that top the list by far. Of course, one is my Burbank home and garden, the second is All Saints Church.

My father and grandfather were landscape gardeners and nurserymen, and they taught me a love of nature and a love of caring for all of God’s creatures and plants. From the time I was a little girl, I would work in the garden with my dad. I even always had a plant or two growing in my bedroom.

When I grew up, I still loved my garden but had a very busy life that didn’t allow me much gardening time. However, when I retired I was able to spend the time I wanted in my garden. I enjoyed this time and found it a time to commune with God in a unique way. It brought me peace and a time to think and renew.

As time went by, I realized I needed more involvement in my love of gardening. I didn’t want it to be just about me. I read about Holy Rakers and knew any group with such a fun name had to be a group for me.

From the first day with the Rakers, I knew I had found what I needed to make my love
of gardening complete. Making ASC even more beautiful is a joy but the greatest bonus of HR is the wonderful people I have met. What a warm and welcoming group of caring and similarly obsessed gardeners!

The friendships I have made at HR are the true treasures of my garden.

[Find out more about The Holy Rakers on the All Saints website or visit their table on the lawn on Sunday, March 22nd.]

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