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by Beverly Franco

As a long time member of Parish Celebrations (formerly known as “Parish Council”) it has been my pleasure to help with events throughout the church year — our biggest, of course, is All Saints Homecoming. In the years I have volunteered it has been such a delight to witness the joy and excitement present in all ages — from blowing bubbles, to face painting, good food, dancing to good music and the joy on so many faces.

Back in the piñata days, I was on the roof pulling the rope to help it jump around and — being up that high — had a unique view of all the festivities: best of all the smiling faces. Chalk4Peace — a worldwide effort to spread the idea of Peace using sidewalk chalk to encourage children to draw images of peace on the pavement was a great addition to our Homecoming festivities. And having the great variety of food trucks over the last several years has been a highlight.

Every year is a unique opportunity to spread the mission of All Saints with creative decorations and fun activities, music to build energy and momentum for the new year and the creation of a contagious atmosphere for all.

Mark your calendars now for Homecoming 2015 — Sunday, September 20. For more information on Parish Celebrations, visit our webpage.

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