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This week our Featured Ministry is Spiritual Direction. Spiritual Direction is the sharing of the journey of our lives with a trained person who can assist in developing a closer union of love with God. A spiritual director is sensitive to the subtle movements of the spirit in the unique circumstances of another person’s life.

Here’s a first person story from “Maggie.”

I go to my spiritual director for companionship on my journey inward toward God and to where that might lead. While I often come with something to talk about, I begin with whatever note the Spirit sings in my soul at the moment. That is always what I actually need to talk about.

My spiritual director listens, often nodding, sometimes asking a brief question for clarification, as I pour out my feelings, my story about God’s Being in me that month. Often, I am so touched by the simple generosity implied in her whole heart listening that I grow tearful. Then I listen carefully as my spiritual director tells me what she hears, and I consider whether there is wisdom in my story that I hadn’t seen before? Or what avenues of grace do I often close off because of old hurts, old dead ends, old burnt fingers? She sees that, and understands.

Occasionally, she will remind me of a Gospel parallel story that illumines mine.
She might recommend a spiritual practice such as journaling or a particular type of meditation.
We always close with a moment of silence, then she offers a prayer for me flowing from our conversation of the hour.

I’ve come to think of my spiritual director’s listening and engaging with me as incarnational.
God comes to life between us.

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