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Sunday, March 6

When news of the refugee exodus from the civil war in Syria first emerged, local filmmaker Elias Matar felt compelled to help. So in September of last year, he joined other international volunteers in assisting the refugees on their treacherous journey north. As a Syrian-American born in California, and having spent 15 years living in Syria, Elias felt a personal connection to the refugees, and was committed to documenting their remarkable stories of survival and determination.

“My parents come from Syria and for me to see the Syrians coming this way, it’s really painful for me because they struggled a lot in the last 5 years and I see on their faces when they cross these borders, I see the fear in their eyes.”

The result of this labor of love is the documentary Flight of the Refugees, which All Saints Church will screen on Sunday, March 6 at 1 p.m. in the Forum — and we are honored to bejoined by filmmaker Elias Matar for a discussion following the film.

Matar’s dramatic, emotionally moving account stands in striking counterpoint to the pernicious political meme that all Syrian refugees must be refused entry to the United States to protect Americans against terrorism. On the contrary, the film presents a vivid case that they should be welcomed with compassion.

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