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When we walked in to the foster/adopt presentation at All Saints, one year ago, we knew in our hearts that our journey was about to take a dramatic turn.

The process was fast, yet slow. We took our time, going to the classes, taking a break over thanksgiving for one last hurrah trip to London, and slowly moved ten years of office stuff into storage.

We started a Facebook group just for us, called “Finding Our Family” and started to collect foster care resources, adoption stories and links to summer programs and furniture. We began to dream of the upcoming life with “Tommy” our imaginary son.

When it came time for our first home study, the social worker listened to our story, and then reached for her phone. “I may have a match for you,” she smiled as she flipped through her phone. “His name is Oscar.”

I got chills. Suddenly, this wasn’t an imaginary kid. It was a flesh and blood child, with a name and a story and a need to be loved. Suddenly this was very real.

Before I knew it we were hearing some of his story and about how he was in temporary foster waiting for a forever home. We could even speak with the current foster dad and maybe set up a time to meet. It felt so fast, but we plunged in and set up a time to meet that Saturday.

We were warned that he was usually shy with strangers and shouldn’t expect much. Yet that day was magical. We chatted up a storm and played in the park.

Later that night, when the foster dad asked Oscar why he was so chatty, he replied, “because they get me.”

Several play dates and trips to furniture stores later, the foster dad brought Oscar over for a smooth, quiet, intimate transition. It was so different from the heart wrenching moves that so many foster kids go through. He needed it. We all needed it.

It hasn’t even been a whole month (even though it feels like a year) and it’s been amazing. It hasn’t been easy (what parenthood has been?) but we’ve had the most incredible team to support us.

Our friends tell us how lucky Oscar is to be with us, but truthfully, we’re the lucky ones.

This story was written by an All Saints parishioner and new foster parent. For the protection and privacy of the family, the author is anonymous.

Join the Foster Care Project and our partnering agencies, Five Acres and RaiseAChild, as we celebrate Foster Care Awareness Month on Sunday, May 22, with a reception for people interested in learning more about the foster/adopt process. The reception will be in the Guild Room from noon until 1:00 p.m., with Five Acres and RaiseAChild staff on hand to present a brief program, respond to questions, and help prospective parents take the first step toward becoming
foster/adopt resource families. Also attending will be foster and adoptive families who can share their experiences. Light brunch will be served.
For more information, visit inbox@fostercareproject.org.


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