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In a culture where accessibility to food is so easy and the options are so delicious, how many people would choose to fast for 30 hours? With homework, sports, music, friends and family, who has the time and energy to participate in the hard practice of fasting? Over the past 10 years the youth of All Saints have participated in an annual 30 Hour Fast, which happens every February in solidarity with different causes around food justice.

The 30 HF doubles as a Transformational Journey and fundraiser for our youth — this year, they begin their fast at noon on Friday, Feb. 6 and don’t break it until Saturday at 6:00 p.m. Together we participate in different activities centered around service and awareness. Every year we visit the Islamic Center of Southern California to serve at their weekly food pantry. We have youth build their own homes for the night out of cardboard and we end our fast with some mindfulness practice around how hard it must be to feel hungry all the time. Our youth choose to go through this transformational journey year after year because they know that spreading awareness of food issues — like access to clean water —  matter.

This year we are partnering up with La Mision Children’s Fund in efforts to install a water filtration system for their local High school. The school is 2 years old and is the only High school for the local students within a 20 mile radius. Our youth participated in a TJ this past summer where we visited the school and learned more about what the educational system in Mexico is like. Some of our youth were really caught off guard by the school and became aware of the big differences and privileges we have here in the USA.

Our goal is to raise $10,000 for this year’s 30 HF, which will cover the materials and installation cost for the water filtration system in La Mision. Our youth came back from that TJ excited and willing to find ways to continue to be a part of La Mision and in bringing the kingdom of Love and Justice to all the Human Family. Will you be a part of supporting our youth on this pilgrimage towards creating a more just world for all people? Show your support by sponsoring our youth with any amount you can here.