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Jason LyonJason Lyon

I work with the New Member Class because I love helping folks find their place at All Saints. In a large parish like ASC, it could be easy to get “lost in the crowd.” The New Member Class is a great way to explore a deeper engagement with this amazing place. I also just love the experience of sharing the stories of our personal journeys of faith. One of my favorite parts is how funny little details emerge that members of the group share in common — the big things, obviously (like having grown up in a different faith tradition, or coming back to church after a long absence), but also funny, quirky little details (“hey I have an Aunt Trudy too!” “You lived in Alaska? I lived in Alaska!” “I’m named after my mom’s favorite movie star too!”)

I’ve led several New Member groups now, and it never fails to surprise and delight me when those little moments of connection emerge. Over the course of the class, those threads that tie us together get woven into a beautiful little tapestry of shared experience, and it forms a bond between the members that lasts far beyond the end of the eight week class. It’s a wonderful way for new members to begin building their All Saints family.