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By Christina Honchell

Jazz is God’s chosen music,
because God is the greatest of all improvisers.

Consider the Genesis creation story:
God had an idea, a theme, a place to start and maybe a place to end,
but the “getting there” is improvised.

God is tinkering with creation throughout the scriptures
and through the Holy Spirit to this day and beyond.

Our God is a God who frustrates the designs of the nations,
defeats the plans of the peoples – creation is still being improvised.

Like creation, the best jazz is often unfinished,
open to co-creation, shot with contest and dialogue.

We need to learn to improvise.

I am not interested
in a religious practice or experience
that is the same every time –
I want to be surprised,
to not know where a spiritual path may lead,
to have spiritual discipline
and also to be open to what happens
when two or more “players”
go off on an improvisational journey
to God knows where.

That’s where the “aha” moments in religion come from –
not from a faith that is predictable,
rigid, static and steeped in fear.

Like jazz, healthy religion is not for control freaks –
it unleashes sensibilities
that cut against the grain of hierarchies and elites.
It is about joy.
It is about energy.
It is about liberation.

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