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Sunday, June 26

TriTone Asylum — a collective of Los Angeles musicians — brings together years of experience and collaboration. The instruments at their sonic core are the electric valve instrument (EVI), keyboards and/ or guitar, electric bass, saxophone and drums.

Through their instrumentation, they have developed their own style that relies on the careful creativity of the artists. Coveing songs by artists they greatly admire, their original numbers are influenced by a variety of musicians from the late 60’s and the 70’s including Freddie Hubbard, Herbie Hancock, Weather Report as well as artists from the ECM label of that era.

Join us for what promises to be another stellar offering in our 2015/2016 Jazz Vespers season.

Sunday, June 26, 5:00 p.m. in the Chancel.

If you would like to use the elevator for accessibility, please arrive five minutes early. Child care provided. For more information, contact Melissa Hayes: 626.583.2725 or mhayes@allsaints-pas.org.

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For more information on TriTone Asylum, visit their website.