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ConspireLast week Zelda Kennedy, Hope Hendricks-Bacon, Ed Bacon and I attended the Conspire conference in New Mexico, featuring Richard Rohr, Rob Bell and Ilia Delio. We have all heard of the category, “spiritual but not religious,” but these three dynamic thinkers in Christianity say we are in the midst of an evolutionary moment in religious thinking.

Rohr framed the conference agenda by stating provocatively: “No culture can survive if it hates its religion. That’s where we are right now.” He went on to quote philosopher of religion Ken Wilber: “Healthy religion is made to put us on a conveyor belt and lead us all the way to enlightened, mystical consciousness. It takes you there, drags you through the love affairs and horrors of life, where all is included in our process of transformation.”

Ilia Delio challenged participants with her vision for Christian vocation: “Christians should be re-named as ‘whole-makers; whole-makers of ourselves and of society.’” And Ed Bacon, inspired by one of Rohr’s presentations, tweeted: “Let’s articulate a religion of original Love; not a doctrine of original sin.”

At All Saints Church, we continue exerting our energies towards healthy, generative and life-giving religion. In addition to book groups being formed, we’ll be showing again the video teachings of Richard Rohr from last year, as well as an event of these new teachings we just heard! As Rob Bell said in Albuquerque: “If you have experienced the worst that a human being could endure and you survive it, you are one dangerous person.” Stay tuned for more on the conspiracy of dangerous Christianity as we continue the Conspire work at All Saints!

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— Jon Dephouse

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