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by Jason Lyon

I have never been prouder of All Saints Church than I was yesterday. Led by our amazing young people, over 600 members of our community gathered together in a prophetic and prayerful response to the tragic events in Baton Rouge, Minneapolis, and Dallas.

From the seed of an idea to “suspend business as usual” during our education hour grew a massive outpouring of energy, passion, and deepened commitment to the hard work of dismantling systemic racism and ending the scourge of gun violence. Our silent prayers – for people of color who have died at as the result of unnecessary and unjustified deadly force and for police officers who risk their lives to protect and serve our communities – were a powerful antidote to the corrosive cultural rhetoric that only serves to stoke fear and anger in our nation.

In her powerful sermon, our priest-in-charge Zelda Kennedy challenged us to “move outside our comfort zones” in the days and weeks ahead. Please view – and then share – her sermon from our You Tube channel. Zelda urged us to pray over the Vestry’s Resolution on Racial Justice with special intentions for how God can use each of us to be part of the work of interrupting racism in all its manifestations.

Yesterday was a poignant reminder that God can and will use All Saints Church as a beacon of love, justice, and compassion even in the darkest of days. I was proud that, even in this interim period between rectors, our beacon shined bright and our voices were strong. The work of dismantling racism was at the heart and soul of our Rector-elect Mike Kinman’s ministry in St. Louis, and I can’t wait for him to join us in continuing that work here in Pasadena. In the meantime, let’s keep the momentum going!

Jason Lyon is the Senior Warden of All Saints Church in Pasadena.