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Following our prophetic call, we seek to embody the inclusive love of God in Christ through Spirituality, Community, and Peace & Justice.

The Vision Statement of All Saints Church clearly calls us to faithful action on peace and justice issues in community. Within this vision, one of our core values is a commitment to be world-focused: Our personal journeys of faith are informed by and made accountable to the world’s deep needs when we are dispersed throughout this multicultural region for courageous and risk-filled work of peace and justice. [From All Saints Church Vision Statement: Foundational Values]

In our commitment to address issues of Peace and Justice, we identified six core areas of focus for our work in 2015. We acknowledge that these core areas are by no means comprehensive of all peace and justice issues and that there are many other issues that intersect with those listed below. We are still compelled to respond to these pressing issues with faithful consistency and we will use the season of Lent as a time to act on that prophetic call with weekly actions in these areas of focus.

Weekly Schedule:
• February 22 – Immigration
• March 1 – Environmental/Climate Justice
• March 8 – Economic Justice
• March 15 – Gun Violence Prevention
• March 22 – Racism/Mass Incarceration/Multiculturalism
• March 29 (Palm Sunday) – Peacemaking/Middle East

For more information, contact Norma Sigmund at 626.583.2734 or on the All Saints Church Action Page.