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by Susan Russell

It is no exaggeration to say that Malcolm Boyd’s 1965 book of prayers “Are You Running With Me, Jesus?” fed the hunger of a generation of people who had given up on the church and given up hope that anyone connected with it had anything relevant to say.

Trailblazer, truth-teller, and courageous witness to the power of God’s inclusive love, his willingness to put his faith into action has been a powerful witness to the kind of justice former Presiding Bishop John Hines defined as “the corporate face of God’s love.”

From “Are You Running With Me, Jesus:” a Prayer of Repentance by Malcolm Boyd.

Take fire and burn away our guilt and our lying hypocrisies.
Take water and wash away our brothers’ and sisters’ blood which we have caused to be shed.
Take hot sunlight and dry the tears of those we have hurt, and heal their wounded
souls, minds, and bodies.
Take love and root it in our hearts, so that community may grow, transforming the
dry desert of our prejudices and hatreds.
Take our imperfect prayers and purify them, so that we mean what we pray and are prepared to give ourselves to you along with our words.