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by Laura Thornton

Some children love to color Jesus green and others love to color Jesus purple. There are lots of creative minds in the pews on Sunday morning and when they grab the coloring page for that day and a box of crayons, I want to make sure their creative energy is happy. So, for the kids who want to color Jesus and other people with actual people colors we have the amazing world of multicultural crayons.

crayonsNow, these are not new. We’ve been using them in Sunday school for years. However, the small boxes of crayons we put in the church on Sunday mornings were only available in your classic colors: red, yellow, blue, green, purple, orange, black and brown. Fun colors to use, yet missing some real people colors. So we started to look for smaller boxes of the multicultural crayons. Now these unique crayons have a variety of names, yet one name can suffice for all of them –‘flesh’.

The colors of flesh; the colors of our own skin on our own unique bodies is as varied as the giant box of crayons! It is amazing the variety of skin tones that are all around us each day and equally amazing the variety of people who inhabit those bodies. They are people we can meet and engage in conversation, sharing our stories. They are people we can reach out to who may need our help or who could help us to grow and flourish.

During Lent we are hearing stories of Jesus and looking for ways to live more fully in our Christian faith. We can make space for others in small and big ways. Look around at all the flesh-colored people today and see the face of Jesus in each one.

Note: We mix the colors of crayons so every box has classic and multicultural colors inside!

During the Forty Days of Lent, we will offer daily meditations from All Saints Church. Today’s is written by Children’s Minister Laura Thornton.