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by Susan Russell

“Remember that you are stardust and to stardust you shall return” was a meme that caught my eye on Ash Wednesday … and reminded me of this poem by Joyce Rupp:


Lent 2001

The cosmos dreams in me
while I wait in stillness,
ready to lean a little further
into the heart of the Holy.

I, a little blip of life,
a wisp of unassuming love,
a quickly passing breeze,
come once more into Lent.

No need to sign me
with the black bleeding ash
of palms, fried and baked.
I know my humus place.

This Lent I will sail
on the graced wings of desire,
yearning to go deeper
to the place where
I am one in the One.

Oh, may I go there soon,
in the same breath
that takes me to the stars
when the cosmos dreams in me.

— Joyce Rupp

During the Forty Days of Lent, we will offer daily meditations from All Saints Church. Today’s is by Senior Associate for Communication Susan Russell.

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