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by Jim Loduha

One of my spiritual gurus over the years has been Henri Nouwen, and on this, the 6th day of Lent, Nouwen draws our attention to the concept of courage. Courage takes many forms: standing up for marginalized people, offering love to one’s enemies, helping lift families out of poverty, to name just a few examples.

Over the last year, though, I have witnessed an exemplary model of courage. My sister and her husband, after years of trying on their own, walked into the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin to begin the process of becoming foster-to-adopt parents. When they did, it was a major step of courage, knowing that the family they had so long dreamed of having would come in a way entirely different than their dreams. Through their journey I was reminded both of the fragility of humanity, and the depth of love that can transcend all life’s challenges.

Walking through our own challenges takes tremendous courage, and the other side of them may look completely different than we had envisioned. For my sister and brother-in-law, the other side of a major life challenge now has a beautiful 1½ year old girl.

And for myself – and all of us – during this season of Lent, I try to keep courage close at hand. I know that the other side of Easter will be different, perhaps in ways I am not yet aware.

During the Forty Days of Lent, we will offer daily meditations from All Saints Church. Today’s is written by Jim Loduha, Senior Director of Development and Giving.