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Jon Dephouse reflects on the values of empathy and compassion incarnate in this “viral” YouTube clip of a little boy and a piñata:

I wonder how long it will take for this little human being to have this instinct laughed out of him.

We live in a world that says, “whoever hits the hardest, gets the most candy,” and this narrative starts at a very young age. Please meditate on this thought for a moment.

May we preserve non-violent childhood for the soul of humanity everywhere.

Here is a mantra I have meditated upon since the beginning of Lent: Live with constructive anger and courageous sadness. This phrase draws me into a reservoir of counter-cultural truth that helps me see what Jesus lived and taught, especially as we continue the road towards Holy Week and Good Friday.

During the Forty Days of Lent, we will offer daily meditations from All Saints Church. Today’s is written by Senior Associate for Formation & Education Jon Dephouse.