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by Sally Howard

This week, Isaac Ruelas, the All Saints Coordinator of Multiculturalism came to our Healing and Health ministry to help us assess our multicultural fluidity. After we answered an anonymous written assessment, he guided us into a discussion about our experience of the assessment. Isaac said two things that felt particularly helpful to me in equipping us for this journey.

One is that we often associate discomfort with something bad, when in fact, discomfort can mean that something good is happening and something new and life giving is about to emerge. Talking about racism and privilege can be uncomfortable, but if the discomfort can be held and tolerated without the fear that something bad is happening or that someone is bad, a new and deeper comfort will emerge. We experienced that in vivo, right there in our group, as people shared their honest feelings and thoughts with each other.

Secondly, he said that when we listen to the experiences of racism that people of color carry everyday, we can share the burden of that pain. As one of out healers said, multicultural work is a holy invitation to deep healing, for all of us. It is a moment of grace open to us at All Saints perhaps like never before. Healing of mind, body, and spirit can never be separate from the recognition of privilege, and the healing of all the “isms” that injure and crush our spirits.

The life, death, and resurrection of Jesus tells us that there is no victory gained by hanging onto privilege; no true freedom that is bare of carrying each other’s burdens. Jesus stopped the cycle of violence and challenged the notion of dominating power. He invites us to mutual healing, and the relational and spiritual power where we are not just changed but transformed.

During the Forty Days of Lent, we will offer daily meditations from All Saints Church. Today’s is written by Sally Howard, our Pastoral Care Associate.

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