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by Anne Peterson

“Chaos trusted is a dancing star.” — I love this crystallization of the Nietzsche quote “One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star.”

The idea that the creativity and beauty of a dancing star can come from the disorienting confusion of chaos is powerfully calming to my sometimes all-over-the-map mind.

Coming to the end of a master bedroom, bath, closet renovation I am facing chaos in the two rooms where I had placed all the stuff. After several attempts to sort through things, I had an epiphany and called a friend who is good at organizing. She could use some extra money and I could use some peace of mind.

I can feel my star dancing!

During the Forty Days of Lent, we will offer daily meditations from All Saints Church. Today’s is written by Anne Peterson; a retired staff member who continues to consult with our Leadership Project.

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