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Zelda Kennedy has returned to All Saints Church from two months of sabbatical leave and offers this Holy Week Meditation on mountain tops and discipleship.

Jeffrey London wrote:

“In just a matter of days Holy Week takes us from the mountain [top] of festive palms to the mountain of Golgatha’s despair. And that is why we resist it so. I mean, do we really need the emotional rollercoaster of Holy Week? What’s so wrong with just jumping from one parade to the next and skipping all the sacrifice and death stuff? What’s wrong with simply moving on to the joy of Easter, with its white bonnets, Easter eggs, family, friends, big ham dinner, and of course the empty tomb.”

As I read this passage I was reminded of my own mountain top experience.

What a delight it was to sit every morning on a mound overlooking the valley of San Jose and watch dawn break; witnessing a new day – which would bring new opportunities and challenges. For several weeks this was my daily ritual.

As I approached the end of my sabbatical, one morning’s meditation reminded me of the gospel lessons wherein Jesus shared with his disciples the need for them to leave the mountain top to return to the valley because the “work” was in the valley.

Someone wrote, “After seeing God’s glory, the Disciples had to learn trust and reliance. Jesus brought the Disciples from their incredible emotional mountain top experience directly into the places where they lived.”

Too often we get so caught up in the view from the mountain top that we do not desire to go down into the valley where “we live” because life may be too difficult. And yet, that is exactly what Holy week calls us and reminds us to do – to go into the valley.

This Holy Week I invite you to take the exhilaration of your mountain top experiences down into the valley and live! Take the joy you’ve experienced and let it lead you into tender, fragile places. Allow yourself to receive God’s light, love, grace and spiritual energy, while remembering “Dios habita en ustedes”