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by Jon Dephouse

Today is known is Holy Saturday. I write this from my living room chair in the early morning hours. The sun is just coming up and the birds are teaming with life, as they do. Theologians in the Church have thought of this day as a cosmic Sabbath day.

Yesterday we beheld the extent to which God pursued humanity in the death of Jesus. And today, on the seventh day, Jesus rests … God rests.

The narrative is analogous with the creation story that God rested on the seventh day and looked at everything that was made and called it good. Each of our lives is a dynamic creative process of circumstances that are beyond our control as well as thousands upon thousands of choices that have been made to bring us where we are now.

May we rest today in the grace of God’s economy; that nothing is wasted and all of the chapters of our lives, and the life of this nation and the world; all can be used as the raw materials for a better world that is yet to come.

Holy Saturday is truly the “now” and “the not yet.” It is the hinge point between death and life; the liminal space of active, reflective living which is so true to a whole lifetime. The phrase comes to mind, “whoever you are and wherever you are in your journey of life and faith, you are welcome here.” You are welcome here in this moment today to look back on your story and see all that God has done and will continue to do. The angels will do their creative work in the tomb of darkness and make way for the next and greatest creative emergence. Live in the present today.

During the Forty Days of Lent, we have offered daily meditations from All Saints Church. Today’s final meditation is written by Jon Dephouse, Senior Associate for Education & Formation