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by Jenny Tisi

I make memory quilts. Each one is different and unique in its own way because I tend to not work with patterns. Some materials that make up the quilts come from childhood t-shirts, baby clothes, and even a wedding gown. Some are made for graduation gifts, and some for family members who have lost a loved one.


The last one I made has taken me over a year to make. I had a goal to finish it during this past month and — being that it is Lent and I’m taking time to contemplate — I thought about my struggles with putting this quilt together. I thought about how all of this applies to life. Who knew that quilting could teach me so many lessons:

Create something new out of something old
Pick fabric
Make up a pattern
Be creative
Switch the plan
How am I going to get myself out of this mess?
Take the easy way out
Cover up the mistakes
Start all over
Rip out the seams
Maybe someone else could do it better
This one is too hard….too emotional
Push through
Get it done
Allow yourself to make mistakes
Applaud yourself when you figure it out
Don’t beat yourself up
Some fabrics just don’t work together. Figure out which ones do
Simplify. Don’t be so complicated
Learn to walk away and clear your mind
Start again
Focus on joy
Don’t give up. Find another way
Be ok with imperfections
Stop obsessing over the little things and look at the big picture
Try to make different fabrics work together – some have too much give – some don’t budge
Make a difference
Make a memory

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