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by Jim Loduha

I recently enjoyed a moment of serenity in the unlikeliest of places: Las Vegas. Twenty-five floors below me I stared at swarms of mid-day revelers adorned with colorful Mardi Gras beads. Generally in-tune songs from the latest 80s cover band faintly made their way to the roof-top pool deck where I stood.

Here, so close to the incessant sounds and lights of a city that truly never rests, I could nearly hear the beating of my heart. I was alone.

It is oftentimes difficult to find such aloneness. Motion from both our outer and inner selves has us on the move as soon as we lift our heads each morning. Yet, aloneness is also that precious time when we can listen to the rhythm of our life and hear the small, yet divine, voice calling from within us.

As I began to realize the rare opportunity that was at hand, I shifted my motion to an oversized cabana bed. During the first moments I focused the energies of my body until only the thoughts of my mind were moving. This, for me, was not unusual. The challenge always comes second: emptying my mind from agendas so my heart may listen and embrace itself.

During these times of serenity, I do not plan, plot or process the things of my outer self. I listen to my inner self, because I know that when I do, I hear the whispers of the divine.

After a long period I opened my eyes. A rainbow was in the sky above. A perfectly circular rainbow. The smile it brought to my sun drenched face remains.