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luke readyLuke Ready

Having been in choir for about 12 years, you could say I’m a lifer. I started in mini-singers, and now continue to sing in the high school Trouveres. Over this time I’ve come to realize the meaningful opportunity that the choir program has given me: the opportunity to break down barriers and touch people emotionally in a unique way.

This happens to both those outside the choir and the singers within it. When people hear children and youth singing, especially about things that matter, it helps bring people out of places of negativity or fear, and into a place where they can just enjoy, and be. Being a part of the creation of that experience is both gratifying and humbling. At some point you realize that you are working together in a community as a whole to do things no individual part could do on its own. The opportunity to work as a community to create something beautiful is one of the things I enjoy most about the choir program, and is something I will always be grateful for.

Our 16 year old son Luke has been in the All Saints Youth Choir program since he was 5 years of age. We love that the choir is open to all youth without an audition and regardless of whether or not their families are church members. As such, the choir reflects the inclusive ethos of All Saints and the sounds that emerge from such a loving foundation are beyond beautiful! The subset of skills the children acquire are phenomenal… they learn to focus, they learn that practice makes perfect, they learn confidence and joy in performing before a rather large audience, they learn to be part of a group and they are exposed to and acquire a love of all kinds of music. They receive the benefit of creative, loving and very talented direction with their choir director Jenny Tisi and all the talented musicians she brings into the mix of their performances. Lucky Luke!

— Sophia and Bruce Ready