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An Afghan woman speaks out on her war-torn nation.

Join us for an evening of conversation at All Saints Church with one of Afghanistan’s most famous and bravest women: Malalai Joya, former member of Afghanistan’s Parliament and author of A Woman Among Warlords.

Hosted by Sonali Kolhatkar, host of media sponsor KPFK’s Uprising, and Co-Director of the Afghan Women’s Mission.

Malalai Joya will discuss:

— Why are Afghan women more vulnerable than ever?
— What is the impact of US drones, bombs and raids?
— What does the end of the US’s longest war mean?
— Why is violence increasing after 11 years of war?

A book signing will follow the talk.

You can download the event flyer here: Malalai Joya

You can learn more about the issues facing Afghanistan’s women here.

Watch Malalai Joya’s now famous speech in the Afghan Parliament: