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MaryAnn AhartMaryAnn Ahart

What is not to love about being on the Theatre Ministry? The obvious benefits are seeing good theatre at the three professional theatres in Pasadena, with friends, old and new, from All Saints. The wine and cheese receptions, the casual gatherings of the All Saints people before and/or after shows, meeting with directors, casts, designers to get a deeper understanding of the shows and the work around them — all of this makes it worthwhile. And then the Asterisk Program creates times for us to come together three times a year to explore ideas in more depth, often over food.

That seems to be a theme. I go to shows I might not get to otherwise and take some risks, stretch myself a bit, and have others to talk with about it. The fun that is less obvious comes from talking with people at the lawn table on Sundays, as we sell tickets, and working with a wonderful committee, made up of representatives from the three theatres and (now) friends here. If you just look at the photo, you can see why I find so much joy in being part of this ministry.