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October 15/16

It is a great honor to welcome Matthew Fox — one of the truly prophetic voices of our time — to All Saints Church on the weekend of October 15/16. An internationally acclaimed spiritual theologian, Episcopal priest, and activist Fox was a member of the Dominican Order for 34 years. He has devoted 45 years to developing and teaching the tradition of Creation Spirituality rooted in ancient Judeo-Christian teaching, inclusive of today’s science and world spiritual traditions; welcoming of the arts and artists; wisdom centered, prophetic, and committed to eco-justice, social justice and gender justice.

Fox believes that “by reinventing work, education and worship we can bring about a non-violent revolution on our planet” and has committed himself to this vision for many years. With Diocese of California Bishop Marc Andrus Fox collaborated to create the Stations of the Cosmic Christ: an updated approach to the traditional Stations of the Cross, replacing the fall-redemption perspective with a cosmology that transcends doctrinal differences.


“In the beginning was the Word”

Saturday, October 15
Albert Einstein has written that the future of humanity depends on a “cosmic religion” grounded in conscience. You are invited to experience this new contemplative practice created by spiritual theologian Matthew Fox and Bishop Marc Andrus. In this mini walking pilgrimage one meditates on the 7 “I am’s” and the 9 events in the life of Jesus that are cosmic based including the Nativity, Baptism, Transfiguration, Pentecost, etc.

The 16 Stations were created by artists M.C. Richards and Ullrrich Javier Lemus and the practice is fully laid out with pictures in the recently released book, Stations of the Cosmic Christ by Matthew Fox and Bishop Marc Andrus.

The workshop will be led by Matthew Fox teaching of the “third nature” of Christ and artist Ullrrich Javier Lemus commenting on his clay tablets. The practice is meant to supplement the traditional “Stations of the Cross” and move us into an ecological and cosmic understanding of the role that a Cosmic Christ theology can play in our time: a Cosmic Christ who is also an Eco-Christ.
(Register online here or at the Sign Up Center on Sunday. $10 registration fee )

Sunday, October 16
Matthew Fox will preach at both the 9:00 and 11:15 a.m. services and be our guest in the Rector’s Forum at 10:15 a.m.– continuing to explore the themes of Creation Spirituality and the Cosmic Christ. Do not miss the chance to be inspired by this visionary teacher and theologian.

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