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In the 10:15 Rector’s Forum this Sunday, Ed Bacon will have a conversation with three professionals who are using mindfulness in healing and empowering ways. Ann D’Angelo is an educator teaching mindfulness to students and parents. Sarah Nichols is an Episcopal priest using mindfulness with hospice patients who are facing death. Charles DeLeeuw is a psychotherapist trained in using mindfulness with Veterans dealing with post-traumatic stress and other war-related traumas in their lives.

Every profession seems to be discovering the power in developing one’s ability to observe one’s thoughts and feelings with compassion and nonjudgmentalism — without becoming those thoughts and feelings — to develop some distance between our thoughts, feelings, and our self. We have our feelings but we are not our feelings. Mindfulness is the ability to go to the “ocean depths” in one’s mind and look up at the choppy surface of one’s life’s waters with compassion.

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