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Jenny Tisi

Director, Children’s and Youth Music

Jennifer [Jenny] Tisi was a public school music educator for 22 years and has taught all age levels, Kindergarten through 12th grade. In addition to vocal music she has taught piano, clarinet, violin, musical theatre, and music theory and appreciation classes. In her 14 years at Mountain Way Elementary School in Granite Falls, Washington, Jenny built a thriving choral program, which has served as a role model for other schools in the state.

She received her Bachelor of Music degree from the State University of New York (SUNY) at Fredonia and her Master of Arts in Liberal Studies from SUNY at Stonybrook. The subject of her thesis was the performance of sacred music in the public schools, which she has successfully defended to many administrators throughout her career. In her spare time she enjoys cooking Italian food, walking, hiking and sun worshipping. She lives in Pasadena with her two mini-Dachshunds.

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