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Jeremy Langill

Associate for Children, Youth & Families, and Adult Education

Sabbath Day: Monday

Jeremy, a native of Pasadena, CA, is excited to be a part of the Youth staff at All Saints Episcopal Church. Prior to joining the staff at All Saints, he worked as an adjunct professor in local colleges and as a junior high teacher in Barstow, CA. Jeremy earned a BA in Philosophy from Azusa Pacific University and an MA in Philosophy from Claremont Graduate University.

In the midst of his PhD coursework at Claremont, Jeremy realized his passion was for helping youth grow in their experience and knowledge of faith—to help youth understand that they can and should act in this world. Although not born an Episcopalian, he ran there as fast as he could, attracted by the progressive worldview that highlighted for him the importance of reaching youth in exciting and formative ways to prepare them to do the work of faith in the world. He is thankful to have received and followed his calling to work with youth.

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