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Office for Creative Connections (OCC)

Office for Creative Connections (OCC) is a community outreach ministry, established in 1984 by the Vestry of All Saints Church as a gift to the City of Pasadena. Its role is to serve as a facilitator identifying needs, assets and opportunities, assessing barriers and bringing people together to work on creative solutions, thinking for the whole city. Using the OCC Method of listening, discerning, reporting and connecting.

Juliana Serrano

Ada Ramirez

OCC History

The Office for Creative Connections (OCC) was established in 1984, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of All Saints Church in Pasadena.

OCC Methodology

Early in the history of the Office for Creative Connections, we developed a unique four-step strategy to implement our mission. Known as the OCC Method, it is now utilized by a number of other ministries at All Saints.

OCC Historic Programs and Projects

Includes City Conversations, Culture Shock, Student Dropout Task Force, and Theatre Camp.

OCC Affiliates

Over the 30 year history of the OCC, it has been part of the creation of several local non-profit organizations: AIDS Service Center, Day One, Young & Healthy, New Vision Partners, Union Station, Grace Center/Hillsides, CORAL Pasadena

Food Ministry

Low-income and homeless men and women of the San Gabriel Valley receive direction, food and clothing. Volunteers can participate by bringing canned food items, toiletries, socks and T-shirts to the basket on the lawn on Sunday mornings.

Foster Care Project

Foster Care Project (FCP) provides community education, policy/advocacy and direct services for children and youth under state supervision and for young adults recently emancipated from foster care.

Transformational Journeys

Transformational Journeys Ministry plans local and global journeys that challenge participants to go outside of their comfort zone to encounter people of different cultures who live in challenging circumstances.

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