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20/30’s welcomes all of those who are in their 20’s and 30’s and looking for community with their peers in the church. We are a thriving young adult social and spiritual community with monthly social hours, seasonal small groups, and yearly retreats.

Who We Are

20/30’s is exactly what it sounds like – a bunch of us in our 20’s and 30’s who’ve connected through All Saints Church. We’re all about spending time together and learning more about each other, ourselves, and building community.

What We Do

Monthly Social Hours
The first Thursday of every month, we meet from 7-9pm at different restaurants, bars, and coffee shops around Pasadena. Sign up for our emails or like us on Facebook to receive updates about upcoming social hours.

Summer Pool Parties
From June through September we have monthly pool parties at the beautiful home of friends of 20/30’s! Come cool off in the pool or relax in the shade of the pool house, and bring food or drink to share.

Spring Retreat
The highlight of the 20/30’s calendar year is our Spring Retreat! We go on a weekend retreat together to escape the hustle and bustle of LA in a beautiful setting, and have some time for meditation and quiet, as well as fellowship and fun. Our guest speakers have given amazing talks on topics such as Nature & The Divine, Making Purposeful Choices, and Spirituality & Sexuality. This is always a great time of building friendships, community, and growing spiritually.

Small Groups
We hold small group series occasionally throughout the year. These usually meet weekly for 4-5 sessions. Topics include book groups, Bible studies, or discussion groups on a Christian approach to things like sexuality, the environment, or social justice. If you are interested in hosting or leading a small group, please let us know! We are always looking for programming. Our 20/30’s members are hungry for more learning, connecting, and growing.

How to Get Connected
You can ‘like’ us on Facebook, and/or send us an email to sign up for our monthly emails that will keep you updated with our latest events and activities. (Note: Our monthly emails may show up in Promos if you are a Gmail user – simply move to your inbox and select ‘always do this’ if prompted.)

Email: 2030@allsaints-pas.org
Facebook: Allsaints2030

Jamie Hebert

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