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Pastoral Care

Are you or someone you know in the All Saints Church community…

  • Dealing with an illness, tragedy or loss in your family?
  • Living with diabetes?
  • Trying to understand your own spiritual journey?
  • Looking for a richer prayer life or deeper spirituality?
  • In need of communion at home?
  • In need of information about planning a wedding or funeral?
  • Interested in becoming more connected to our All Saints Church community?
  • In need of a prayer request?
  • The Pastoral Care ministries are available to you.

For more information, follow the links below or contact our Pastoral Care office at 626.583.2737.

Addiction Recovery

Addiction Recovery Ministries hosts a series of small groups pertaining to the 12-step recovery program and is open to people in all recovery programs.

Grief and Loss Support Group

The Grief and Loss Support Group offers opportunities to develop a better understanding of grief, learn healthy coping skills and share feelings with others who are experiencing loss.


The Labyrinth is an ancient spiritual tool. The path winds throughout and becomes a mirror of the way we live our lives. It touches our sorrows and releases our joys.

Lay Counseling Ministry

Lay Counseling Ministry assists members of our faith community who are experiencing stressful life events such as divorce, unemployment, death of a loved one, or relationship conflicts.


When someone dies, it is helpful to know that All Saints Church will celebrate life in the face of death, whether or not the deceased was a member of the church.

Monday Night Meditation

During meditation, participants allow themselves to settle in silence. They sit in fellowship in the All Saints Chapel, resting in the stillness of the Spirit.

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