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Spiritual Direction

Spiritual direction has been part of the Christian tradition for centuries. Spiritual direction is the art of listening both to the person seeking spiritual direction and to God’s Spirit. It is carried out once a month in the context of a unique one-to-one trusting relationship in which a trained person guides and supports another person in the search for an ever closer union of love with God. The director, or soul friend, is one who acts as an earthen vessel to pass on and reveal God’s love and concern, and functions as someone sensitive to the subtle movements of the Spirit in the unique circumstances of another person’s life. Spiritual direction is based on the belief that God walks with us on our journey through life and is revealed to us through our experiences, our dreams, our journaling and our prayer.

The directee assumes responsibility for his/her life with God through some form of intentional spiritual practice. During the monthly one-hour session the director and the directee seek to enter a prayerful atmosphere where together they can be attentive to the Holy Spirit who is in fact the real director. Though God can be found in the midst of life experiences, problem solving is not the primary focus of spiritual direction.

Education and Formation Office

Diane Williams

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