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Alternative Christmas Market


For years, the All Saints Pasadena Alternative Christmas Market has reclaimed the Christmas story by offering an alternative to the consumer frenzy that has overtaken the Christmas season.

In the spirit of making God’s love tangible, the ACM brings together non-profit organizations that address social issues on a local, national, and international level to give you the opportunity to participate in socially conscious gift giving.

The gifts you buy for your loved ones will help kids visit their incarcerated parents, gang members get back on track, homeless and abused women, kids in foster care, and many others.

Forget about “Black Friday” and come to the ACM. Though you won’t walk away with a bunch of fancy packages and chic indulgences, you will do a lot of good on behalf of the people on your gift list.


Christmas is not the only time for giving. You can support the ACM organizations on any occasion. Click the name of an organization below to be taken to their website.

African Team Ministries
AIDS Service Center
Angel Interfaith Network
Centro de Intercambio y Solidaridad (CIS)
Doctors without Borders
Dorcas House
ERD/Hope Africa
Foster Care Project
GAIA (Global AIDS Interfaith Alliance)
Get on the Bus
Grace Center for Abused Women and Children
Habitat for Humanity
Heifer International
Homeboy Industries
Middle East Ministry
National Religious Campaign Against Torture
St. Barnabas Senior Services
Ten Thousand Villages
Third World Gifts & Handarts
Union Station Homeless Services
The Women’s Room at Friends in Deed
Young and Healthy

If you would like to help us reclaim the Christmas story, we would love to have you. Please contact Sharyn Delahousie at sharynlws@aol.com or 626.375.7606 for more information.

Juliana Serrano
Carmen Valdes & Sharyn Delahousie
626.375.7606 – Sharyn
626.644.2080 – Carmen

“Let me say it clearly: I’m neither for nor against stuff. I like stuff if it’s well-made, honestly marketed, used for a long time, and at the end of its life recycled in a way that doesn’t trash the planet, poison people, or exploit workers.” Annie Leonard: How to Be More than a Mindful Consumer

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