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We are — all of us –in some sense immigrants and sojourners, strangers in a strange land seeking a homeland. Some of us or members of our families have personally experienced hardships and, at times, unspeakable indignities, in coming to America. Others of us fortunate to have been born here have trekked into the desert wilderness to see for ourselves the migrant path of tears and triumph.

As a people of faith committed to dismantling oppressive systems and building structures and communities that reflect God’s compassion and justice, we must do no less than make straight a highway in the desert for our sisters and brothers.

For many years, immigrant families have suffered on the margins of our society. They have been scapegoated during difficult economic times and victimized by harsh anti-immigrant ordinances passed by some states and localities. Action on immigration reform is long overdue and All Saints is an active participant in local and national coalitions working for justice for immigrants and refugees.

Vestry Resolution on Immigration Reform

Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles Sanctuary Diocese Resolution

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