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The recent hurricanes and brush fires have amply illustrated the power of weather events to unleash human misery, and there is overwhelming consensus among scientists that climate change has exacerbated the frequency and severity of these events. As bad as they are, these recent events are only a foretaste of the devastation we can expect if climate change continues unabated. Indeed, the Vestry of All Saints church considers human-caused climate change to be one of the greatest moral issues of our times. (Read our 6/2016 Vestry Resolution here.)

But why is this a moral crisis? Scientists have concluded that human activities – those that generate greenhouse gasses like carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels – are the cause of climate change. Ironically, people in the industrialized countries where most of the greenhouse gasses are generated are likely to suffer the least from climate change, while people in developing countries will suffer most. Thus we are stealing their futures.

As with so many other peace and justice issues, the time has come for people of good will to mobilize and make meaningful changes in their lives that will ameliorate the effects of climate change. All Saints has the audacious goal of making its parishioners carbon neutral in their homes by Easter of 2020.

To launch this important campaign, All Saints is hosting an event on the morning of Saturday, November 18th – and we are delighted to announce that Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori has agreed to deliver the keynote address. Join with the Climate Change Task Force for a morning of both inspiration and education — and take action to reduce your carbon footprint. Pick up a free LED light bulb to start your household on a path to become carbon neutral!

Welcome by All Saints Rector Mike Kinman and keynote by former Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori.

Saturday, November 18 from 8:30 am – 12:30 pm in the Forum. Register  here  or at the Sign Up Center on the lawn on Sunday.

For more information call 626.583.2734 or email aramirez@allsaints-pas.org. For directions to All Saints Church, visit our Welcome Page.